Emergency Maintenance –  The following are maintenance problems considered to be an emergency:

  1. Water leaks (where damage to person/property might occur)
  2. Fire
  3. Lack of heat or air conditioning
  4. Blocked toilet (all 3 of your toilets)

bells run townhomes service manIt is our endeavor to constantly give outstanding service. If you call the Office number after hours, please identify the nature of the emergency, the address in which you live and your home telephone number where you may be reached for a return call by Management.
If the emergency threatens the life or property (such as fire), please notify the local emergency services before contacting the Office number.
Non-emergency service requests should be called in to the rental office during normal business hours or can be submitted on line at www.bellsruntownhomes.com using the Resident Services tab.
Cold Weather Precautions

Do not turn the heat off in your townhome. Sufficient heat must be maintained through the night and duringfrozen pipes absence to prevent interior temperature dropping below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

During winter months it may be helpful to leave your bathroom door open and to open your cupboard doors under the sink so that heat can circulate under the pipes. It is also very important to remove your hose from the hose bib to prevent bursting on the outside.

If you leave your townhome for more than three days during the cold season, notify the Management Office so that an occasional check of your home can be made. If Management is not informed of your absence and sever damage occurs to your empty home, you will be solely responsible and will be charged for any necessary repairs.

Maintenance Tips & Procedures

Never pack food over the cold air vent in the freezer
Clean the grill on the front periodically with a brush or vacuum cleaner attachment
At least twice a year, remove the grill and clean area behind it with a vacuum

Light Bulbs:
Bathroom, Dining room, hallways are to be replaced by resident.

Carpet Care:
Vacuum frequently and steam clean every six months to maintain new/clean appearance.

Heating and Air Conditioning:
Set the thermostat on automatic, Set on heat or air, depending on the season. Check temperature setting. If unit fails to run, check breaker before calling maintenance.

Keep a plunger on hand for minor plumbing problems
Call maintenance for major stoppage in plumbing lines
If toilet is on the verge of overflowing, lift ballock to stop water flow or cut water off at the supply line under toilet tank
The main cut-off valve is located in the basement on the back wall

Dishwasher: Only use detergent specially labeled for dishwasher. Other detergents will foam out the sides anddishwasher Maintenance bottom of the dishwasher. Resident will be responsible for clean-up.

Mini Blinds: Blinds should be maintained by cleaning with a mild soapy solution.