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  1. SIGNS: Resident shall not display any signs, exterior lights or markings on townhome. No awnings or otherBells-run-townhomes-community-rulesprojections shall be attached to the outside of the building of which apartment is part.
  2. LOCKS: Resident is prohibited from adding locks to, changing or in any way altering locks installed on the doors of the townhome, without prior written permission of Management.
  3. ENTRANCES, HALLWAYS, WALKS and LAWNS: Entrance, hallways, walks, lawns and other public areas shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress.
  4. ANTENNAS: Radio or television aerials shall not be placed or erected on the roof or exterior of buildings.
  5. PARKING: Resident agrees to abide by all parking regulations established by Management. No motorcycles, trucks, vans, campers, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, mobile homes, buses or mechanized equipment may be allowed on property without Management’s prior approval. If Management has designated spaces for Resident to park or areas for boats, trailers, campers or other vehicles, Resident agrees to park only in those spaces so designated. Non-operable, abandoned or unauthorized vehicles are not permitted on premises. Any such non-operable, abandoned or unauthorized vehicle may be removed by Management at the expense of the Resident or other person owning same, for storage or public or private sale, at Management’s option and the Resident or person owning same shall have no right or recourse against Management therefore. The definition of non-operable, abandoned or unauthorized vehicles shall be liberally construed in favor of management. In addition, but not limited to, the generally accepted definitions, “unauthorized” and “non-operable” shall also mean vehicles which:
    1. Are noxious, offensive, unsightly, unpleasant, or unkempt such that could reasonably affect the appearance or rental marketability of the property or such that could reasonably cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance or nuisance to Management, owner or other residents;
    2. Are causing damage to the apartment community or the parking lot, including but not limited to, oil or gas leaks, seepage or spills and motorcycle kickstands which sink into pavement;
    3. Are not registered with Management as required;
    4. Are not properly parked between parallel lines or marking spaces for parking;
    5. Are blocking access to any prohibited areas, designated “no parking” areas, fire lanes, fire hydrants, ingress and egress travel lanes, entrances, exits, trash dumpsters or compactors or maintenance or service areas;
    6. Are left on blocks or jack stands;
    7. Appear to be in a state of disrepair;
    8. Appear to be incapable of self-propelled movements, to include vehicles with flat tires;
    9. Do not have proper license tag, current license decal validation sticker, current state emissions inspection sticker or minimum applicable motor vehicle insurance.
    10. Unauthorized, non-operable or abandoned vehicles shall not be kept, placed, stored, parked, maintained or operated in any area of the apartment community, The term “vehicle” includes, but is not limited to, both motorized and non-motorized vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, trailers, campers, mobile homes, motor homes, commercial trucks, buses and heavy motorized or mechanized equipment or vehicles. Further rules and regulations may be specified in a parking rules and regulations addendum. Said addendum is incorporated by reference herein and shall be effective regardless of whether it has been separately signed by parties hereto. An “abandoned motor vehicle” shall include, but not limited to, any vehicle, motor vehicle or trailer which has been left unattended on the townhome community property for a period of not less than thirty days without anyone having made a claim thereto.
  6. STORAGE: No goods or materials of any kind or description that are combustible or would increase fire risk shall be taken or placed in storage areas. Storage in such areas shall be at Resident’s risk and Management shall not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  7. PATIO: Patio shall be kept neat and clean at all times. No rugs, towels, laundry, clothing, appliances or other items shall be stored, hung, draped on railings or other portions of balcony or patio.
  8. RECREATION and SERVICE AREAS: Resident agrees to abide by additional rules and regulations established for use of recreational and service facilities provided by Management. No sleep wear is allowed in any common area, i.e., proper dress and decorum is required in all public areas of the community.
  9. RESIDENT LIABLE FOR ACTIONS OF HIS FAMILY, OCCUPANTS, GUESTS OR INVITEES: Resident shall be responsible and liable for the conduct of his family, occupants, guests or invitees. Acts of failure to act of a Resident’s family, occupants or invitees in violation of this agreement, any addenda, or Management’s rules and regulations may be deemed by Management to be a breach by Resident. Resident acknowledges and agrees to communicate and explain all addenda, rules and regulations and the terms of this lease to his family, occupants, guests and invitees.
  10. DRAPES and SHADES: All drapes and shades installed by Resident must be appropriate.
  11. WATER BEDS: Resident shall not have or keep any water beds in the apartment without prior written permission of Management.
  12. CONDUCT: Resident acknowledges that all notices required to be given in writing. Resident agrees to handleBells-Run-townhomes-common-areas his communications and conduct with Management, including, but not limited to, leasing agents, on-site staff, maintenance personnel, or independent contractors and vendors hired by Management and with all other Residents, occupants, guests or invitees in a lawful, courteous and reasonable manner. Resident shall not engage in any abusive behavior, either verbal or physical or any form of intimidation or aggression, directed at Management, its agents, its employees or vendors or directed at any other Residents, occupants, guests, invitees or any other person on the property. If requested by Management, Resident agrees to promptly conduct all further business in writing. Any acts of abusive behavior whether verbal or physical by Resident or Resident’s family, guests or invitees shall be grounds for termination of this lease. Resident agrees not to damage his apartment or any other portion of the townhome community, including, but not limited to, the physical facilities, buildings, trees or landscape. Resident shall be liable for all acts or failure to act of his family, occupants, guests or invitees that result in damages to the townhome or townhome community property. Resident shall remain liable to Management for any damages which exceed normal wear and tear and agrees to pay Management promptly upon notice of such damages, notwithstanding whether the repairs have actually been made. Further, Resident’s acts or failures to act which results in damages to the townhome or townhome community property shall constitute a ground for termination of this lease. Any amounts due from Resident because of damage exceeding normal wear and tear shall constitute additional rent that is due upon invoicing.
  13. GARBAGE: There are Trash toters conveniently located in the garage of your Townhome. Trash must be placed in plastic bags and securely tied before putting it into one of these collection points. Trash toters must be kept in your garage except for trash pick-up days (Tuesday and Friday). We also offer Recycling to those who wish to participate. You may receive a Recycling bin from the Management Office and it is required to be put out on every Wednesday.
  14. LOCK-OUT PROCEDURES: In the event of a lock-out of the Resident after hours, charges will be assessed as appropriate and paid upon entry to the apartment. If on-site maintenance personnel are not available to respond after hours, the Resident will have to contact a locksmith of their choice and at their expense.